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How to increase your sales without advertising your services on three different channels

Anthony Manly | December 8, 2020


Today we’re going to show you why the most successful coaches and entrepreneurs dominate their markets without advertising their services on three separate channels at the same time.

I’m currently preparing some training for our Getting Clients in 30 days Challenge where we cover Confident Delivery of your Services, Attracting the right prospects, and Converting these prospects into paying customers.

Whilst preparing this training I realised how many coaches and entrepreneurs are simply struggling with:

  1. certainty in their offer,
  2. confidence in what they sell, and
  3. knowing that their product or service delivers the desired end result the client want

You can create easily create certainty and gain confidence with one simple powerful rule, the power of ONE.

This idea of the rule of ONE is not new, so what is this rule?

The rule is simple
  • One product
  • One offer
  • One target market
  • One advertising channel to market your offer
  • One way to convert prospects into paying clients

Why is this so powerful? It’s powerful because the rule provides you the ability to master the way you convert prospects into paying clients.

So, imagine this,  we have a guru Marketer (aka your number one competitor) his name is, Rick, who is marketing his company’s services in three channels at one time competing against another business coach, Jason, who is focussed and dedicated to master one channel and who will most likely fail at first, learn, pivot and keep going until he gets it just right.

Who is going to end up with better results?

So, If you’re Rick and attempt to do too many things at once, you’ll master none of them.

If you’re Jason on the other hand,  then you’ll master a single channel and build a solid presence in that channel.  Plus, you’ll also learn all the strategies to make a particular channel extremely effective.

The same applies to converting prospects into paying clients.

There’s no point attempting to convert your prospects to paying clients on Email, Phone, Messenger, and six more places.  Simply pick ONE channel and master it.

Just think about the results you could achieve if you created that level of mastery.  To achieve this I’d encourage you to choose a channel and focus all your efforts on that one channel for the next 90 days.


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