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Overcoming the Sales Struggle when Signing New Clients

Support | December 2, 2020


How to overcome the sales struggle when it comes to signing a new Business Coaching client

Do you know why so many coaches struggle with closing the sale when it comes to converting a prospect to a client?…

I’ll explain, the number “1” sales mistake killing a coaching business is creating and then offering too many coaching package options to solve a prospect’s problems.

Many coaches are of the belief that the more coaching package they have to offer a prospect the higher the probability they have to convert the prospect to a client.

By casting the net wide, they hope to appeal to everyone and believe that having two to three coaching packages that will lead to double or triple the profits.



Focussing on the number of coaching packages is NOT the way to boost your sales to increase profits!

It’s a common mistake that confuses your audience and the reality is “a confused mind almost always doesn’t buy”.

Your prospects don’t want that many options.

They simply want the ONE thing that will help them get their desired result. They know the result they are looking for however if you throw so many offers at them, they have no idea which package to choose to achieve it.

And if you attempt to offer them too many unrelated options, this can lead to doubt in your prospect’s mind that you’re the expert they need.

If you think about it, the expert that they want to work with and who they believe has “THE” answer to their problem

When your prospect gets on the phone with you, they want to know that you can solve their fears and frustrations and you are the ONE that holds the magic pill they’ve been searching for.


putting your prospects fears and frustrations into context

Imagine, your wife has been nagging you for weeks to hang a picture in the living room. She’s only nagging you because you been putting it off as you need to make a hole in the wall to hang the damn picture.

So, you finally find some time over the weekend to drop by the hardware store to buy the drill piece to drill a hole in the wall to insert the wall hanger.

Here’s the problem you’re now faced with when you arrive at the hardware store to buy that drill piece to drill the hole:

  • do you need to make a hole in a concrete wall
  • do you need to make a hole in a plasterboard wall
  • do you need a wall stud finder
  • what size drill piece do you need to make the hole
  • is the picture to hang on the wall heavy and is a special wall hanger required

So many things to consider and all you want to do is drill a damn hole in the wall to hang a picture to get your wife off your back.

If you had done your research before you went to the hardware store then you would at least have won half the battle when you arrived at the hardware store and be able to find someone to help you search for and purchase what is needed to do the job.

See how quickly a simple goal of putting a hole in the wall leads to so many options.

Just think, all you wanted to do was put a hole in the wall to get your nagging wife off your back.


TOO Many Choices

Back to the business of coaching, If you ask a prospect to make a difficult choice from numerous options, you’ll scare them away and lose the opportunity to turn them into a client.

Instead, think to yourself, what’s the one thing you can offer your clients right now that would have the biggest impact on your best clients business?



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