Liquidweb Hosting Review: Premium Web Hosting Big or Small

Anthony Manly | January 21, 2020


Liquid Web Hosting Review

You have the perfect domain name and, a great idea for your online business, however your stuck with the decision of selecting a web host provider to support your website.

Do you go for the cheapest web hosting provider? the most popular? or

just take a recommendation from some random response you found on a forum?

On our websites here at SelfManagedBusiness, we use Liquid Web dedicated servers.  Liquid Web Inc. is a leader in the web hosting industry dedicated to provide you the best hosting available with amazing customer support.

liquidweb review

So why do we like Liquidweb Inc.?

Liquid Web is a privately held, managed web hosting company and as a leader in the professional web hosting industry, they have the dedication to provide you premium hosting coupled with the best of the best customer support.

They are available 24/7 365 days a year to help every time
They are knowledgeable and responsive. You have the ability to send a helpdesk ticket, have a live chat or over the phone chat.  They have over 400 support technicians ready to help you and located on site of at their three owned data centers.

100% Reliability when it comes to uptime
Our Self Managed Business website is always available as they have a guaranteed 100% uptime or you receive a 10% credit to your account.

Familiar CPanel interface
Liquid Web includes a Cpanel to manage your hosting. Unlike WPEngine, for example,  which has a limited interface with very specific restrictions.

So why does Liquidweb Inc. stand out

They are hands on with their servers.
They are not leasing from third party companies like many other hosting providers, they own the data centres. They manage everything from software, hardware and the network.

Someone’s always watching
The team proactively monitors the server 24×7 for issues that you website may experience.

Tools that are convenient and powerful
Continuous backups that are completed for you.  Their Guardian Backup and Recovery helps you safeguard your entire website against data loss in even the most extreme circumstances.

Easy one click installs
This makes it easier getting started using your favorite content management system like WordPress. They also have scripts for Joomla, Drupal, Zencart, Magento and many more.

Who should use Liquid Web Inc.?

The Liquidweb hosting service is for you if you want reliable web hosting for your website backed by an experienced team. If your needs are big or small, you can definitely rest easy knowing that many other big brands are also backed up by this hosting service.

liquidweb review

Pricing for hosting

liquidweb hosting pricing

Note: Here at SelfManagedBusiness we use Liquidweb Dedicated Servers.

Liquid web also deliver dedicated hosting for WordPress

LiquidWeb offers great value for their WordPress plans.

  • What does stand out is that SSD Storage is used which makes your web pages and files load suoer fast.
  • There is no limit to the number of visitors on your website which differs from WPEngine which places a restriction on your visitors to 100k visits per month with their professional plan.
  • The big bonus is that Globalsign® SSL certificates are included (this saves you $100 to $200 per website per year)

liquidweb packages

And comparing their web hosting with WPEngine proves to be a simple decision when selecting a premium web hosting company.

Liquidweb Review

What if I want to switch to Liquidweb hosting?
The team will help you move your website across from your existing hosting provider free of charge, that’s 100% free.

So if you think this is a great deal and already have WordPress hosting for your website, You should do the following: 

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